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Introducing our third Weekly Summer Scent for June: "This Candle Smells Like a Bowl of 90's Potpourri".


Remember the iconic, nostalgic aroma of potpourri from the 90s? We've captured that classic scent and infused it into our newest candle, bringing back those cozy, carefree days with just a flicker of the flame.


Experience the rich blend of mulberry and spice, reminiscent of your favourite 90s potpourri. It's the perfect way to start your season and transport you back to those warm, inviting moments of the past.


Available online for one week only, this limited edition candle is just $15 instead of the usual $17.50. Don't miss out – it's first come, first serve!


This candle is 8 oz and burns approximately 50-60 hours and features an FSC crackling wooden wick.




*Sorry no sample candles of this scent due to limited quantities*

This Candle Smells Like a Bowl of 90's Potpourri

C$17.50 Regular Price
C$15.00Sale Price
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