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Introducing our third Weekly Summer Scent for JULY: "This Candle Smells Like Enjoying a Wine Tasting Tour in Napa"!


Indulge in the luxurious essence of a Napa Valley wine tasting tour with our newest candle. Imagine yourself strolling through sun-drenched vineyards, a glass of crisp white Zinfandel in hand, savouring every delightful sip.


Experience the sophisticated aroma of white Zinfandel wine, with its delicate notes of ripe berries, subtle citrus, and a hint of floral undertones. With each flicker of the flame, transport yourself to the picturesque Napa Valley, bringing the elegance and charm of a wine tasting adventure into your home.


Available online for one week only, this limited edition candle is just $15 instead of the usual $17.50. Don't miss out – it's first come, first serve!


This candle is 8 oz and burns approximately 50-60 hours and features an FSC crackling wooden wick.




*Sorry no sample candles of this scent due to limited quantities*


This Candle Smells Like Enjoying a Wine Tasting Tour in Napa

C$17.50 Regular Price
C$15.00Sale Price
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