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Introducing our fourth Weekly Summer Scent for JULY: "This Candle Smells Like Your Grandmother's Backyard"!


Step into a nostalgic embrace with our newest candle, "This candle smells like your Grandmother's backyard." Imagine the serene beauty of her garden, where vibrant flowers bloom in abundance, filling the air with their sweet, captivating fragrance.


Experience the delicate, floral notes of hyacinth, evoking memories of warm afternoons spent in the tranquil oasis of your grandmother's backyard. Each flicker of the flame brings a comforting, timeless scent that transforms your space into a haven of cherished moments and simple joys.


Available online for one week only, this limited edition candle is just $15 instead of the usual $17.50. Don't miss out – it's first come, first serve!


This candle is 8 oz and burns approximately 50-60 hours and features an FSC crackling wooden wick.




*Sorry no sample candles of this scent due to limited quantities*

This Candle Smells Like Your Grandmother's Backyard

C$17.50 Regular Price
C$15.00Sale Price
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