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So you became a Coal and Canary wholesaler?? YAAASSSS diva! Now what’s next? Below are some tips and tricks that’ll help you have the most AMAZING wholesaling experience possible!


How do I access the wholesale site?


The password for the wholesale site is “stockist”, but you probably already knew that! 😉 This password never changes, and we suggest bookmarking this website for ease of use!


How long will it take for me to receive my order?


Our processing time can always be found at the top of our website, and it is always up to date with the most current processing information. During busier seasons (fall/winter) you may notice an increase in processing time! This is due to the large influx of seasonal orders we usually receive in a short period of time. Processing time refers to the amount of time it takes from the moment we receive your order to the moment we fulfill it.


How can I make the most out of my Coal and Canary purchases?


We recently made it a lot easier to save depending on how much you spend with our C&C Rewards program. Check out the pink C&C Rewards widget in the bottom left corner of your screen to learn more!


I just became a wholesaler and I don’t know what to order. Where should I start?


We suggest starting with our Celebrations collection as it is stocked all year round and an easy gifting choice for customers. Other year round collections include Coffee Shop, Self Care, Astrology, and more!


How will my customers know what the candles smell like?


We have sample candles available for purchase here. These candles come in a generic, unmarked box to be displayed in front of their corresponding scent so customers can get a real idea of what each scent smells like!

Something to note: Due to the vanilla scent notes in some of our candles, they can become yellow over time if left in direct sunlight (or even some fluorescent lighting). This is why we sell these candles at such a discounted price, so that they can be easily disposed of should they begin to yellow.

How is my shipping cost determined?


Shipping fees are calculated based on both weight (amount of candles ordered) and distance from our warehouse in Winnipeg, MB.


Help! I forgot to include certain products in my order and I already placed it! Is there a way to add them on?


Unfortunately, we’re unable to add on to orders that have already been placed as it confuses both our shipping and inventory systems.


My customer has an issue with one of your products, what do I do?


Please direct any and all product-related customer inquiries to us at! We also have an FAQ on our retail website here. Feel free to familiarize yourself with it and refer customers to it as well! If you have a customer that is wanting to return or exchange one of our products due to an issue they’re experiencing with it, please also direct them to us at


How do I know when new products are coming?


Make sure to stay tuned to your email (even your spam folder) as we regularly reach out regarding new product launches and exciting news!


Check out the menu in the top left corner of the page for even more info!


If you have any additional questions that weren’t answered here, please feel free to reach out to us at!

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